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Contemporary Patriot
I have pondering while in bed late at night
Would we stand up for our nation and fight
If ever the call of war knocks on our door
Would every true Brit rush to the fore
It swells my heart, with pride it is filled.
For our Pride in our Country we'd fall as her shield
Stand shoulder to shoulder as one on the field.
With our blood if it bought just one more free day
Now that is a price we would willingly pay.
We're the contemporary Patriots, Churchills' legacy
We'd defend our our family, surrender? heresy!
We may not be in redcoats, or be in the armed forces.
But We'd lead the first charge, just give us the horses.
We'd never surrender We'd Never fall back
Never let fall the great Union Jack
We'll never spend Euros or be the 51st state
Cos Goddammit We're proud to be of the Britain thats Great.
:iconbincola:bincola 4 3
I Am Fear
I am the Storm wracked, full mooned night,
I am the Howl that sends you spinning, vainly searching
I am the distant screams and gunfire that grow closer
I am the deathly silence the follows
I am the never ending moans of the dead but not dead
I am the neighbours cries silenced with a crash.
I am the half glimpsed shapes outside,
I am the shadow in the corner of your eye, gone as you whirl filled with panic,
I am the noises at the door as you run,
I am the roar as the door comes down
I am the scratching pursuit as you flee upstairs
I am the ice cold that the footsteps bring
I am the lamp that shoudn't fall but does,
I am the pale fist through your wall
I am the flickering tortured soul that smashes your things to dust,
I am the claw around your ankle flipping you down
I am the beast, the corpse, the spirit, the leech,
I am the sleep destroying moans, the hear pounding howls, the keening shrieks and the sibilant hisses
I am what the tales warned you of
I am death incarnate
I am Fear
I am
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To The Guys In Green and Khaki
Heres to the guys in green and khaki
Their fit, tough, hard but fun and sarky
Risking their lives in whatever army
Fighting for peace despite the irony
I raise my glass and offer my prayers
To any god or Gods that deign to care
To keep them safe and well while their out there
While bullets fly in bomb smoke filled air.
To those who fall, tears fill my eyes
For your brothers in arms who heard your cries
For your families with you snatched from their lives
For those ignorant of your sacrifice.
To the soldier people don't want but need
Beware of AK's and IEDs
Please no more widows weeping on their knees
Come back safe, my heartfelt plea.
:iconbincola:bincola 2 19
Cuckolds Lament
Teasing tongues, twist together in their tale of untruthful treachery,
Greedy grasping desperate digits, clawing their clothes off,
The quiet thump of knickers hitting floor a death note,
A bell tolling the end of my trust, leaving a relationship in ruin.
Every gasp a dagger in my back,
Every thrust a nail in the coffin of my heart.
Every lie of innocence, the cawing of crows as the peck the eyes of my soul away
Leaving only emptiness in my chest.
Her tears and excuses, a cocktail that I'm drunk on, but my anger n hurt sobers me.
Bright blurring blobs of burning bitterness roll down my face flushed with fury.
No pleasured sounds tear from her Jezebels lips only sobs as her cuckold shuts the door.
:iconbincola:bincola 6 5
Rise up Luna
Rise up Luna
A self loathed phoenix from the flames of self dislike
a Beautiful jewel of the heavens,
ensnaring the minds and hearts of men
both sides of her, light and dark,
battered by verbal showers of burberry meteors,
their stupidity and ignorance hammering her skin
with deep wounds of sadness.
She glides through the skies of life,
a ghost in a sea of those too blind to look up and gasp at her beauty
Rise up Luna
a ying yang nature, in sunshine and shadow
of care and mischief
a heavenly body, in name and reality
oblivious to those mere mortals below gazing up at her
oblivious to our rapture at her passing.
an unreachable, unobtainable angel crossing our lives
Rise Up Luna
and believe,
ignore the stings
and feel the pull
hear our words and and songs
the skies of our lives would be empty of beauty
should you turns and presence not grace us
let your light shine and know.
that you can rise up.
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Zombie survival sheet by bincola Zombie survival sheet :iconbincola:bincola 17 16 Bouquet and cakes by bincola Bouquet and cakes :iconbincola:bincola 2 9
True Brit Grit
Always looking back at what has been
The Greatest Empire this world has seen
Whole nations and armies bowed the knee
To an imposing monarch, Great Britain's Queen
The Empire shattered
Each man his own
nations divided, independant but alone
Except in the land that I call home.
The United Kingdom, the latterday Rome
Through our darkest years
Britains most dangerous yet.
We fought the hordes,
the Tuetonic threat,
Though many brave men died on either side
What saw us through was our stubborn pride
as Red Coats did past and RAF did then
We beat back the Nazi's again and again.
But the  people of Britain, the regular Joes
Wondered which of their family, their friends would come home
as our armies pressed on with our long standing allies,
The Germans battered our lands and darkened the skies.
Even our lengendary grit started to fade
Winston Churchill stood up and a  great speech was made
"We'll fight them on the beaches" It stirred every heart
The rest of the speech led to
:iconbincola:bincola 2 15
Mature content
thoughts on suicide :iconbincola:bincola 2 27
Mature content
Zombies - Every little helps 5 :iconbincola:bincola 1 0
The emperor protects
Before the desperate guardsman's charge
"The Emperor Protects"
Inquisitor facing demons' large
"The Emperor Protects"
The Sororitas in quiet reflection
"The Emperor Protects"
The assassin strikes without detection
"The Emperor Protects"
An Astartes storming evils lair
"The Emperor Protects"
A sanctioned pyskers daily prayer
"The Emperor Protects"
The Starship captain brings them home
"The Emperor Protects"
Kept safe by him on the golden throne
"The Emperor Protects"
:iconbincola:bincola 20 47
Mature content
Zombies - every little helps 4 :iconbincola:bincola 2 0
Mature content
Zombies - every little helps 3 :iconbincola:bincola 1 0
Mature content
Vengence achieved :iconbincola:bincola 0 0
Xmas Soldier
At these seasonal times,
While we're filled with cheer,
Remember those we've lost, that cannot be here,
Remember those soldiers, the brave and the proud
They remember their buddies, 6 feet in the ground.
In the land of their home, where news of this war,
Means every war wife dreads that knock on the door.
Too many this year in sorrow they drown.
While still our boy's fight and dread the call "man down"
So take just a moment from your presents and food,
For our brave troops away, the few and the good
A little prayer please that they get home again
Give up a thought and a little amen
:iconbincola:bincola 6 18
Imperium Imortalis Inverted by bincola Imperium Imortalis Inverted :iconbincola:bincola 1 6


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Ben Harman - Your Smile for the day
United Kingdom
I'm just your average guy, who likes to write and has a pretty eccentric imagination, I've been writing since I was 13 and on since I was about 15 and I've never looked back. I wish i could draw or paint but I'm perfectly happy with my ability to create with words and it's worked well for me so far
Current Residence: A tiny place called England
Favourite genre of music: Classical or Rock or Classic metal, General Chill out
Favourite photographer: My Friend Sabrina and Str1nger and Megan
Favourite style of art: Fantasy or anime, Manga
Operating System: dunno?
MP3 player of choice: Same as above
Shell of choice: The Chitinanous carpace of a Carnifex
Wallpaper of choice: A beautiful mountainscape, or imperialguard
Skin of choice: Leathery and tough with a good few tattoos
Favourite cartoon character: Vegeta and Quagmire from Family guy, johnny bravo
Personal Quote: Take me, or leave me, I am What I am!
  • Listening to: Fansong by Dethklok
  • Reading: The Sea watch by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • Watching: Archer season 1
  • Playing: Dawn of war 2
  • Eating: Wagon wheel
  • Drinking: Mountain dew energy
Hi Everyone, Well it's been a while but I'm active on here again and God I've missed this place, new fan fics and original work coming soon.

much love




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